DMV has been producing LED displays for professional demanding applications in sport, industry, public info and traffic for over 25 years



Variable message signs are produced in accordance with standard EN12966 and traffic sign performances are always in highest EN12966 classes. Permanent innovation process as well as product features improvements are essential and undivided part of our company vision. Quality and safety are one of the top priorities in production of LED traffic signs. In regard to that, DMV traffic signs today are: VMS with predefined pictograms, full matrix VMS, border crossing and tool station signs, tunnel signalization, vehicle activated speed limit signs, signs with radar, mobile signalization, LED studs and parking guidance signs. 



In terms of sport scoreboards production, DMV is one of the top leaders in Europe. So far, we have equipped more than 2000 sports halls, stadiums and swimming pools, in more than 80 countries. Sport scoreboards for all sizes of sport halls and stadiums are part of our sport scoreboard portfolio. In order to meet all customer demands we are producing high number of diverse models with different dimensions. Attractive design, different digits color, excellent visibility, reliable construction, easy maintenance distinguishes our scoreboard. Wire or wireless communication. Models for indoor and outdoor use. Always in compliance with newest sport rules and with “easy-to-update” feature in case of rule changing.



Info and advertising display portfolio includes wide range of products. DMV info displays today: single color matrix displays, digital clocks, rolling texts, multi-line text displays, exchange rate boards, financial LED tickers, queuing systems, industrial displays, airport, bus and train station time table displays, public transport information systems, gas station price displays, digit displays, character displays.