Awards ceremony for high school students

Awards ceremony for high school students

After successfully completed competition for high school students with topic „Automatic LED boards testing software “, DMV held an awards ceremony on November 3rd 2020 in compliance with epidemiological recommendations.

Students from Bora Stanković and Svetozar Marković high schools from Niš participated in this competition. Nearly 20 teams with 3-5 members participated. Traditionally, more than 50 years the graduates of these high schools are one of the best students at Faculty of Electronics and Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics. Main idea of the competition was to enforce programmers interest in real time hardware controlling applications.

Two teams shared the first place. Teams „Fraeri“ and „Magma“ won a 1250 EUR coupon for IT equipment.
Team members are as follows :

  • Team „Fraeri” – Nikola Ilić, Nikola Mitrović, Dimitrije Stanojević;
  • Team „Magma“ – Luka Ivković, Radivoje Milutinović, Dušan Mitrović, Veljko Stošić, Anrija Ranđelović.

Total prize for second and third placed teams was merged and shared between teams “Radi DMV vozi BMW”, “Znak” and “Saut Serbia Džiberi+”. Mentioned teams won a 850 EUR coupon each for IT equipment.
Team members are:

  • Team “Radi DMV vozi BMW” – Pavle Janevski, Aleksandar Cvetković, Vasilije Dikić, Bogdan Mitrović, Bogdan Micić;
  • Team “Znak” – Aleksa Ilić, Veljko Jocić, Milan Stojanović, Nikola Milošević;
  • Team “Saut Serbia Džiberi+” – Veljko Toljić, Dimitrije Treskavica, Jovan Arizanović, Marko Milenković, Momčilo Tošić.

It was very difficult for our jury to decide about placement. Members of jury team were Nikola Stojanović, Jovica Jović and Dušan Šarković.

DMV company is  eager to continue cooperation with all high schools and Faculties in Niš.  We find it very important to increase the number of students who are familiar with real time programming and to gain a  sense for milliseconds and understand hardware once they graduate.


We want to congratulate to all participants and professors and we wish them luck in their further academic and business life.