DMV’S 28th birthday celebration

DMV’S 28th birthday celebration


DMV’s 28th birthday party was held last week. We used this opportunity to express gratitude to all of our friends, partners and new employees, who were employed during 2019. for participating in business successes we had during last year.

Those successes are visible through:

1259 working orders that were opened and 14496 devices produced, 784 PCB boards that were produced, 642 softwares written and 62 work places opened.

We started with spatial reorganization of the firm and building and equipping 6 new laboratories that will be accredited during 2020.

New production line for producing PCB boards was commissioned. This took us to higher level of productivity and flexibility of production.

New automatic tester of PCB boards was introduced which made testing of the boards easier and faster.

Another novelty is ERP system for planning and monitoring work orders, which leads to better planning and makes fulfilling work orders easier.

We are by far the most proud of the fact that we grew from small to a medium sized company.

Given all of the above we decided to make new visual identity which will be modern and noticeable as well as our products are.

Today, our products are recognizable in Niš and Serbia as well as they are all around the world.

After all of the above we can conclude that easier part of work has been done. In front of us is harder part of work which is to contain business performances on last years level and to strive to continuous improvement and development of the company. What distinguishes our employees from employees at other firms are traits like motivation to work, will to improve professional knowledges, dynamism and proactivity. Those are values that we will try to nurture in the future.

Accomplished results are motive for us to work harder, learn more careful and plan our activities smarter.

Given the fact that we had a successful year during which we worked really hard, we decided to relax and have some fun after the presentation of results gained during last 28 years. We leave it to you to appraise if we had a good time based on the photos below.


Youth speak forum

DMV believes that young people are those to have the best ideas and enthusiasm to realize them. We collaborate with students organization AIESEC for several years, and that is how we meet young people and give them a chance to get in touch with business models of local companies that are planetary successful. We strive to target the young to gain skills that will help them to start their careers and be successful. Beside mentioned, we would like to use the opportunity to meet young people at conferences, to motivate and inspire them to think global and act local. We also tend to direct them to develop business skills that will be key to success.

Youth speak forum

Having regard to the foregoing, on 26. of November 2019. at the ‘’Oficirski dom’’ in Niš, our collegues Milica Cvetković and Filip Janković will give the lecture named “Giving the effective feedback” at Youth Speak forum organized by students organization AIESEC. To round out the whole process we will organize visit to our company after the conference.

Competition for High school students

DMV opens competition for high school students in City of Nis. Competition topic is developing a software that will be used for automatic testing of CPU boards. Students need to use open vision library. Presentation of competition assignment was held on 9th October at Bora Stanković high school. All additional tasks about assignment will be available on first workshop, when all teams will get DMV hardware, DMV Tester and all necessary documentation.

Each team can have 3 to 5 members. Teams that fulfill minimum requirements that are required by the project documentation will be awarded with worthy awards. Three teams which have the highest grades, will get the awards. Minimum requirements and scoring system will be defined in project documentation.

Awards( for each team member):

  • 1st place: lap top( total fund 300.000 dinars)
  • 2nd place: last generation smartphone ( total fund 200.000 dinars)
  • 3rd place: Tablet computer ( total fund 100.000 dinars)

The first three teams will get an additional award, a seminar in Bansko, Bulgaria which includes:

  • Seminar about internet of things technology and solutions
  • Accomodation in Pirin Golf appartments in Pirin Golf resort complex
  • Actively spending time in nature: playing golf, climbing..

Aplication deadline is 25th of October, deadline for finishing assignment is 1st of March 2020.
All interested teams can apply via e – mail address:
The application should include the names of the team members, the team name and the name of the high school. The registered teams will be notified by email about the date of the first workshop.




DMV took participation on traid fair “ ROAD EXPO ” that was held from 04. 06 – 07.06.2019. in Moscow. We participated in collaboration with firm Invar-Eltrans. Beside products that are well known to our associates we used this opportunity to present our brand new products such as: remote control software for managing signs via Cloud Server, tunnel illumination signs, portable traffic lights for alternating vehicles, mobile signalization etc.

This fair was the great opportunity for consolidation of acquaintances with current and potential associates and making new acquaintances and chances for future partnerships with suppliers and customers from all over the world.

Doors Open Day

At the end of last week, DMV organized the Doors Open Day when family members and friends of our employees had the opportunity to walk through the company, to get acquainted with the production process and product range. After that, a cocktail and a tasting of Crna ovca Craft Brewery beer was arranged in the yard, along with the most beautiful verses written on the DMV dynamic panels. We took this opportunity to celebrate one of the biggest projects in the history of our company. This is a project for equipping the M4 motorway in Russia. All these years, our partners, associates and customers are motivating us to be even better, faster and more dedicated to the continuous improvement of our devices. We approach to every future project with the same enthusiasm, because our goal is exclusively the quality and continuity of our products.

Intertraffic Amsterdam

During last week, DMV participated at one of the largest and most influential international trade exhibitions for traffic infrastructure, Intertraffic Amsterdam. This exhibition was held from 21st to 23rd of March (2018). During the fair we had the opportunity to meet our partners, associates, suppliers and customers from all over the world.

Beside our well known products, this year we also promoted: Full color and monochromatic matrix with new optic in the highest classes, Cloud connectivity, transilluminated signs for tunnels, portable traffic light systems and traffic weather stations. We are glad that we have secured existing partnerships and established new ones.

25th Anniversary

DMV company has celebrated 25th anniversary. During 25 years of business we have transformed from a small family business into a company with a recognized brand all over Europe as well as worldwide. We have produced more than 100 000 devices that were sold in more than 80 countries. We are especially proud and thankful for the contribution from all our employees.