New design and new functions of info devices for business and public spaces

New design

“Elegant” is made of plasticized aluminum, with thinner frames on the front. It is primarily intended for production halls, offices, schools, hospitals …

“Modern” with a case made of plasticized aluminum and a frame made of high-gloss poly carbonate is suitable for objects such as banks, offices, etc.

“Lux” is extremely suitable for clean rooms, operating rooms and hospital corridors, and considering its stainless steel construction, it can also fit into the ambience of production halls and other industrial spaces.




New functions

In addition to the already existing sensors for temperature and humidity, we developed the sensor for measuring the size of particles in the air PM 2.5 and PM 10. The sensor will signal level of the particles in the room LEDs in five levels:

  1. Green color – good air, limit for PM 2.5

  2. Yellow color – acceptable air, limit for PM 2.5

  3. Orange color – polluted air, limit for PM 2.5

  4. Red color – heavily polluted air, limit for PM 2.5

  5. Red flashes – heavily polluted air, limit for PM 10

At the same time, we developed the power supply of the device via the Ethernet network known as Power over Ethernet (PoE). Not only does it make it much easier to install clocks, but it also provides power and connection to the control system via a single cable.