ECO Counters

According to our research, the first manufactured ECO counters in the world, in accordance with the highest optical classes of the EN12966 standard, come from our company.

Some of the most important features that make these counters stand out:

  • RGB digits with SMD diodes show information about the remaining duration of the red, yellow and green lights.
  • The display on the counter is visible from several bars, thanks to the highest class (B7) of the beam width.
  • They can be connected to all types of traffic lights, because they independently learn and remember the time phases during the first round and automatically start the countdown after two identical rounds. In case of time change, they automatically recalculate the new time period.

In the case of connection via serial RS485 communication, which is enabled by the new generation, the counter shows the value it receives from the controller at all times. To this can be added a GPRS modem and a connection to our Cloud, where at any time you would have information whether the traffic light shows only a flashing yellow or is faulty. The possibility of automatic dimming of the diode based on the intensity of the external light by means of a light sensor is not excluded.

The city of Nis was the first to raise the awareness of citizens about the environment in this way as well, because by setting the meters, drivers will have an insight into whether they have time to turn off their car while they are waiting.