Pedestrian crossing system

This modular system is intended for pedestrian crossings that are not regulated by traffic lights in order to increase the safety of the most endangered traffic participants – pedestrians. May contain:

  1. Pedestrian detection sensor
  2. LED markers
  3. LED lamps
  4. VMS (interchangeable LED traffic sign or sign with internal lighting or aluminum sign with reflective foil and LED flashers)

On both sides of the pedestrian crossing, there would be pillars with pedestrian detection sensors directed parallel to the pedestrian crossing and a VMS directed at oncoming vehicles to inform them that the pedestrian was crossing the road. Above the sign would be an LED lamp that illuminates the pedestrian crossing, and on the roadway LED markers. When the sensor detects a pedestrian it would send a signal to the VMS which activates the rest of the system. The VMSs are interconnected wirelessly, so no cables are required, and it is recommended that they be installed near primary and secondary schools, colleges, shopping malls and parks.