Portable Data Logger

PDL is a completely new type of product, which is being developed in two variants as portable and fixed. This small-sized radar device performs analysis, measurement and storage of vehicle speeds passing through zones with limited vehicle speed.

The fixed variant features a rechargeable battery and a 50 W solar panel for uninterruptible power supply, while the portable ones feature a lithium-ion battery and a battery charger, as well as an LED charging indicator on the back of the case. Both device variants include internal vehicle speed detection radar, GPRS and Bluetooth modules for external communication and a serial communication port. The case is made of robust plasticized aluminum, on which only the radar sensor and anti-vandal GPRS antenna can be seen from the front, and the battery inside allows for a working autonomy of about 7 days.

The device is suitable for work in all environments, for rural, urban and interurban roads, places where traffic monitoring is required 24/7/365 and where there is no secured mains supply.