Road weather station and meteo VMS

This system is based on detecting weather disasters and sending the collected information about potential dangers via DMV software to signs in order to inform drivers in a timely manner. What sets it apart from all other devices is its modularity, modules are:

-DMV interchangeable traffic signs

-DMV Weather Cloud platform – software that processes data from meteorological sensors and sends a command signal which warning message to print

-Meteorological sensors:

* Temperature and humidity detection sensor (DMV)

* Visibility sensor (Biral, England)

* Wind direction and strength sensor (Vaisala, Finland)

* Road sensor that can detect 6 different road conditions (Vaisala, Finland)

An example of their use can be bridges on which, due to the proximity of water, ice can form earlier than on other sections of the road, the same case can be with fog and strong winds.