Vehicle roof signs


This type of signalization is used in the transport of dangerous goods, services that perform works on roads, traffic police and the like. The system also includes a roof structure with a linear actuator for raising and lowering the sign. In addition to all this, a tablet will be delivered which controls the entire system, and can also be connected to the Cloud, for real-time remote control.

From the predefined character, we recommend a variant with 5 pictograms, two flashes and a yellow matrix field for printing 9 characters, dimensions 950×1,000 (VxH) and weighing 34 kg. The color matrix character could be the same dimensions, weighing 38 kg, and a resolution of 48×48 pixels with pixel pitch of 16 mm.

The mechanism contains universal mounting on commercially available supports, and is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The minimum design, accordingly, weighed 28 kg and had dimensions of 1020x900x130 mm.