Mobile signalization

Mobile signalization is mostly used for traffic regulation in the road work zones and it is produced in compliance with European standard EN12966. It is used on city streets and open roads. Signs have possibility to show different pictograms/text and all the symbols are stored in the memory of the sign. The user can also create his own pictograms. Sign dimensions and matrix field color are custom made, in line with customer’s demands. Available LED colors are white, yellow, red, green and blue. Signs can be controlled over communication channels or digital inputs. LED failure control. Possible brightness control: manual brightness control, brightness control according to actual day time using precise algorithm, brightness control according to external illumination measured by 1 or 2 light sensors and external brightness control. Communication: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or GPRS.

Traffic lights for alternating passing traffic

TRS-NPV consist from pair of traffic lights used for alternating one-way traffic in road work zones. System can consist 2 or 3 traffic lights (red, yellow, green) and counter which signalize remaining time until the green/red light is turned on.

Predefined mobile signalization

Predefined signs for trailers are used for directing the vehicles. Two models are available: TRS-DA i TRS-MLS.

Matrix mobile signalization

Matrix traffic signs can be one color, two color or full color. The sign can be contained from one or two matrix field.