Traffic light countdown signs

Counters are giving the information about the remaining time until green, yellow or red traffic light is turned on. Green light time duration is shown with green digits, yellow light with yellow digits and red light with red digits. Two colors (red, green) or three colors (red, yellow, green) counters. High brightness, connection parallel to the traffic lights, separate red, green and yellow LEDs in the same module, self-learning and memory timing phase for vehicles and pedestrians during the first cycle, start counting down after two identical cycles, in case of time changes automatically calculate a new time period.


Counters show duration time for red, yellow and green light. They are mounted on the crossroads along with vehicles lanterns and are used for informing the vehicles about remaining time until the green/red light is turned on again. Counters are produced in compliance with European standard EN12966.


Counters show duration time for red, yellow and green light on the traffic light. They are mounted into lantern’s housing. Possibility of two digits (show time up to 99 seconds) or 2+1/2 digits (show time up to 199 seconds).

Model Dimensions
TRS-SH200-CNT 200