Parking guidance signs

Parking signs are meant to facilitate the use of parking space capacities, orientation and to guide the vehicles through the parking lots or garages. They are produced in accordance with the regulations of traffic signalization and standard EN12899. The signs have great visibility and readability. They are very easy to manage and control as well as very simple in terms of the maintenance perspective. Number of digits on the sign as well as their height, depends on the requirements and needs of the customer. Besides this basic function, these signs can optionally show predefined information texts made of LEDs (eg FREE, FULL in different languages …) or LED arrows to guide drivers to free parking lots. Communication interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS.

Special parking signs – SPS

Special parking signs give directions and information to the drivers about free parking lots and they are usually placed in the parking lots of large shopping malls, airports and similar.

Signs for parking and garages – PPS and PD


These signs are placed in front of the parking entrance. They indicate parking and inform the drivers about the number of free parking lots. These sign can be used alone or together with the parking guidance signs.


Parking garage signs give directions and information to the drivers about free parking lots in garages. They are placed at the entrances of parking garages and at the entrances of every level of multi-level garages.

Parking guidanse signs – PGS

Parking guidance signs are primarily intended for city parking and other large public car parks (shopping malls, airports etc.). In cities with jagged parking places, it is necessary to direct the driver to free parking lots. These signs are placed on the streets (away from the parking), and their function is to guide the driver in the direction of marked parking space, providing them information about the number of free parking lots.