LED variable traffic signs with predefined pictograms

Variable traffic signs with predefined pictograms for use in city areas or open roads are in accordance with European standard EN12966. The signs can show several predefined pictograms and text field as an additional option. The number and the combinations of pictograms can be chosen by a customer from the standard pictograms list or the customer can request adding completely new pictogram. The signs can be controlled over communication channels or digital inputs. LED error detection. Possible brightness control: manual brightness control, brightness control according to actual day time using precise algorithm, brightness control according to external illumination measured by 1 or 2 light sensors and external brightness control. Communication: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or GPRS. Signs and pictogram dimensions are in accordance with EN12966, size range A, B, C, D and E.


Dimensions (VxH): 600×600 mm

Circle diameter: 450 mm,

Triangle side: 500 mm,

Class A.


Dimensions (VxH): 850×850 mm

Circle diameter: 650 mm,

Triangle side: 700 mm,

Class B.


Dimensions (VxH): 1100x1100x100 mm

Circle diameter: 850 mm,

Triangle side: 1000 mm,

Class C.


Dimensions (VxH): 1300×1300 mm.

Circle diameter: 1050 mm,

Triangle side: 1250 mm,

Class D.


Dimensions (VxH): 1600×1600 mm

Circle diameter: 1250 mm,

Triangle side: 1500 mm,

Class E.


Dimensions: Custom made